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The Etha Brosh Band

Ethan Brosh Band

I feel like my music really comes to life when you hear it live with my band! I really do not want to be that guitar player who plays to an iPod in front of a crowd. It is all about a true live band playing loud on a nice stage. I am very fortunate to have such awesome guys and incredible players in my band. Let me introduce these crazy dudes.......

Giorgio Mongelli


Giorgio and I meet back in Berklee when we were studying there. He comes from a beautiful place in the south of Italy. He is a very quiet guy but he definitely knows what he's doing. Back home he owns a state of the art recording studio, which he built. Giorgio records and produces bands and albums at the highest level. Even though he plays bass in my band, he is also a ridiculous guitar player! Whether it's guitar or bass Giorgio has the chops to play both really well with the right tone and without overdoing it. No question, a top of the line musician with many different talents!

Dan Whitelock


Dan Whitelock was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. His musical interests were sparked at a very early age when he began learning how to play the drums from his father as soon as he could sit upright.  A multi-instrumentalist, Dan began playing guitar at the age of twelve and bass guitar shortly after that. He has recently ventured into playing a few woodwind instruments as well.  While his first love is heavy metal, Dan can also be found playing and composing music encompassing a diverse range of styles including straight ahead jazz, fusion, chamber music, musical theater, country and blues. Dan is currently attending Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship.

Photos courtesy of David Kemp
Nate Montalvo

NATE MONTALVO - 2nd Guitar

Take one look at Nate and it will be obvious which era he come from. Naturally, he belongs in my band! His modesty about his playing should not be confused with his immense skills as a guitar player. Nate has all the chops and knows all the licks a guitar player should ever have. More importantly is the fact he has a great taste as a player. For me that is what really matters. Nate is absolutely a great guitar player and will make his mark in the next few years for sure. He is also one of the funniest guys I've ever met, which leads to some really interesting scenes on the road!

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